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If you are looking for a short-term loan but have problems with your credit, you should consider a title loan. A car title loan garland company can get you the money you need and do so quickly. There are only a few requirements for this type of loan, and these loans are vastly superior to alternatives such as payday loans and pawn shops.

What Do I Need To Get A Texas Title Loan?

You will need to have the title to your car or truck and be able to show proof of your income. The title will need to be issued in Texas, and you will also need to be a resident of the state. If you are qualified by the above criteria, then you will be able to get a loan. They will not bother to look at your credit because it isn’t an issue with this type of lending. Your vehicle will need to be inspected to verify its value, but this is the last step in qualifying for the loan.

This type of loan is much cheaper than a payday loan, so if you own a car free and clear, then you need to pursue this type of loan. In fact, in some cases, it is possible to get a title loan without having the title. What happens is that the loan company will pay off your car loan, and you will pay them the balance that you owe along with an additional amount of money you wish to borrow and interest.

What Is A Title Loan?

A title loan is an installment loan, so you have several months of payments to make. This is much different from borrowing from a payday lending company that will demand payment only days from the time you first receive the money. As you make your payments, the amount of money you owe begins to lower.

This is different from a payday loan which is paid back all at once. Although title loans are a great option for working people, not all title loan companies are the same. Therefore, you need to consider VIP Title Loans.

They serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area including Garland and offer many services that other title companies do not offer. One prime example of this is with their Auto Club. This is a program that protects you in case your car breaks down.

If your car no longer works, you are covered. You simply turn the automobile over to VIP Title Loans, and your loan is paid off. This important service fills a gap that is missing with other title loan companies. If your car breaks down and it is not financially feasible to make the repairs, you are still stuck with the title loan and must pay it off. cheap When you borrow from VIP Title Loans, you are protected.

They also offer loans on anything that has a title to it. This is not just cars but includes all types of trucks and recreational vehicles.

The process of applying for a title loan can be very quick.