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Getting Started Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Getting started with VIP Title Loans is easy! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to receiving your title loan.

1. Fill Out and Email Your Application

2. Bring In:

  • Vehicle
  • Title (if you have it)
  • Valid Photo ID

3. Instant funding after signing

  • Apply Today to Start
  • SMS Text Disclosures

    • "by clicking SUBMIT you consent to receiving SMS messages."
    • "Messages and Data rates may apply. Message frequency will vary"
    • "Reply Stop to Opt-out of messaging"
    • "Reply Help for Customer Care Contact Information"
    • Click able link to Privacy Policy

Commonly Asked Questions

Is a Texas title loan right for you?

Texas car title loans are used by people for many different reasons.

Sometimes we help small business owners who have had unexpected expenses pop up. Other times we help sales professionals who are waiting for commission checks to come through.

Whatever your profession or need, VIP Title Loans can help alleviate cash flow bottlenecks and get you the money you need, now!

Is a title loan buyout right for you?

If you have a loan from one of the other guys, then maybe a title loan buyout from VIP Title Loans will be your new best friend. We will pay off your old loan and save you hundreds!

We offer considerably lower interest rates than the other guys, plus, we buy all manners of title loans.

So, if you’re having trouble making your payments and need a company that pays off title loans, come in today to see why we’re the best in Texas.

We buy title loans from our competitors often, because it’s a win-win-lose.

You win by getting a lower rate, we win by gaining your business and our competitors don’t get to take your car.

That seems fair to us.

What do you need to bring?

There are just a few items you will need to bring with you to get a VIP Title Loans car title loan.

  • Vehicle: We’ll have to do a simple vehicle inspection when you arrive at one of our six locations.
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Texas Car Title (if you have): If you want a buyout of an existing title loan, then just bring the above items. We will do the rest!

When you come in with these documents, you can quickly leave with your loan.

You keep your vehicle, we just put a lien on the Texas car title. And once your loan is paid off, the lien is released.

If you need the buyout of an existing title loan, then just bring the above items plus your old title loan. We will do the rest!

We have offered title loan help to many happy customers, and we can help you too!

What makes Texas car title loans with VIP Title Loans different?

If you’re looking online for title loans in Texas, you might be asking yourself just what makes VIP Title Loans different from our competitors?

Many of our competitors say that they want to save you money or that they’re ‘different’, but the proof is clear. Take a look at the facts and see why when we say we offer title loan help, we mean it!

We have the lowest total payback in the industry. This means that you can potentially be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars through the life of your loan. Even if it’s halfway through your loan term with someone else, you can still save hundreds or more by switching to us for a title loan buyout.


Need money today? No problem. A Texas title loan could be your answer!

Life is full of small surprises. Whether you need money to pay for unexpected expenses or just to hold you over to your next check, you can count on VIP Title Loans to help.

We are a locally owned and operated company serving the needs of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Just bring the above documents to any of our six locations and expect to leave quickly with your loan. But our help doesn’t end there. Even if you took out a title loan with another company, we’re here for you. We buy title loans and we can pay off yours! Come in today and see how much you should be saving.