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What Is Bad Credit Title Financing?

If you have recent dings on your credit report, bad credit title financing can help. Bad credit title financing services often overlook credit flaws like collections, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other derogatory marks on your credit report. Bad credit title financing will provide you with the money you need to finance a vehicle when you have been turned down by lenders and in-house financing institutions. At VIP Title Loans, we make the process easy and affordable.

Common Types of No-Credit-Check Loans

Bad Credit Title Loan Providers in Denton, TX

It is possible to get personal car loans with bad credit, but car loans are just the beginning when you work with VIP Title Loans. We provide a wide array of no-credit check loans, including:

  • Payday Loans – Payday loans provide you with money between paychecks. They can be secured or unsecured, and are to be paid when you receive your next paycheck. Lenders run a soft credit check or don’t check your credit at all with these kinds of loans, because your income has more bearing on whether or not you’re eligible.
  • Title Loans – A title loan involves the borrower putting up the title to their vehicle as collateral. You can get as much as 50% of your car’s value as a loan.
  • Bad Credit Loans – Bad credit loans help people with low credit scores secure funding for vehicles and other purchases. They are usually higher interest than normal loans.

Benefits of No-Credit-Check Loans

  • Bad Credit Doesn’t Matter Much – You have a higher chance of getting approved because your credit score isn’t as important with these kinds of loans.
  • Speedy Approval – In most cases, lenders can approve the loan on the same day or the day after the application is submitted.
  • Easy Process – No credit check loans can be processed entirely online, usually in just a few steps.

How Do No-Credit-Check Loans Work?

The process is very easy. It involves filling out an application that will ask you for some very basic financial information. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an offer from a lender. Then, if you choose to go forward, you simply sign the terms and your funds will be available that day or the next business day.

Am I Eligible to Get a No-Credit Title Loan?

Most people are eligible to get a no-credit title loan. Even if you have a bankruptcy on your credit report, you will still be able to qualify for one of these loans. As long as you are over 18, have a monthly income of at least $800, have government-issued ID, have a checking account and an email address, you will be eligible for this kind of loan.

How to Apply for Bad Credit Car Loans

The best place to get an auto loan with bad credit is a licensed credit service organizations like VIP Title Loans. We make the process simple. Just start your application online and provide some basic documentation, like your vehicle title (if you have it) and a valid photo ID.

Credit Score Factors

  • Payment History – Do you make your payments to lenders on time?
  • Credit Age – How old is your oldest active credit card? The older the better.
  • Credit Usage – The amount of credit you have used versus the total amount of credit you have. The lower the credit usage the better.
  • Collection Reports – Have any of your debts gone to a collection agency?
  • Debt to Income – How much money you spend a month versus how much you make. The lower your expenses the better.

Get a Title Loan With Bad Credit

Can you get a title loan with bad credit? Absolutely! When you work with us here at VIP Title Loans, we will get you the money you need with no hassle and a manageable monthly payment. Start your application process today, by visiting one of our locations in Texas.

Get a Texas Title Loan for Less