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Are you upside down in a title loan? We can help. Do you own your vehicle with full coverage insurance? We can help.

VIP Finance has been helping families get the money they need – quickly – without credit checks – using their cars as collateral since 1989.

We offer low-interest rate loans without even needing your social security number. YOUR CREDIT DOES NOT MATTER.

Our competitors’ loans are over 300% when ours is a simple 6%. As you can imagine with ours being so low, we often buy title loans from other loan companies. In fact – we do it a LOT! When you need money in a hurry – we’re here.

Why Choose VIP Finance for a Title Loan?

Many people don’t realize the benefits of getting a title loan from VIP Finance.

  • We’re cheaper than other title loan companies.
  • We’re family-owned – not corporate-owned.
  • Six title loan locations across Dallas Fort Worth.
  • We can buy your loan from other companies.

Knowing that you can count on the money when you need it from VIP Finance can ease your mind and put your focus where you need it.

When the unexpected hits you financially – we’re there to help you out.