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Denton Title loans

In case you have not heard, VIP Title Loans has recently had to move from their old location.

We were forced to move because of the expansion project on I-35. Luckily, we are now almost 7 miles closer to everyone who lives in Denton and Denton County. In case you are having trouble, our new address is 6060 S Stemmons Frwy Hickory Creek, TX 75065. We are very close to Lake Dallas Dr and I-35. If you call our old phone number it will go through, but our new permanent phone number is 940-498-7684. It may seem far with our new location being just north of Lake Lewisville, but in reality, we are only 10 miles from downtown Denton.
We know the construction is not fun to drive in, and can sometimes even be confusing. We would like to thank everyone who has visited our new location and braved the construction. The good news is every day the construction crews in Denton are working hard and they are making great process through the area.

From everything we are reading, they are saying everything is on schedule and they are working from the city of Denton down towards Dallas. That means we will be in the area when the first bit of construction is completed.
Recently, One of our competitors has been in the news for not obeying the city of Denton’s title loan rules. We just wanted to make sure everyone understands that VIP Title Loans operates as a different lender than most other title loan companies. Many cities are passing new legislation similar to the city of Denton.

This is causing many of our competitors to be constantly changing the products they offer to try and get around the laws. This is not how VIP operates.

We offer the same great title loans we have for many years now. We are the lender, therefore, we do not have to charge you to “find” you someone to lend you the money.
We know everyone is in the middle of spring break or have spring break coming up very soon. We want to remind everyone in Denton, Ponder, Justin, Highland Village, Argyle, Krum, The Colony, and the University of North Texas that we are here for all of your title loan needs.

The bills never seem to stop or give you a break, but VIP Title Loans will give you a break from the normal title loan you may be used to. We are the direct lender, so we do not fall into the same rules as most of the other title loan companies you may be used to. Please give our newly moved VIP Title Loans location in Hickory Creek/Lake Dallas Area a call. We are more than happy to sit down with you and explain how we are different from other title loan companies.