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Using the Best Solution

When sudden financial needs arise, it can be frustrating and challenging.

However, if you have equity in your car and a clear title, the solution may be easier and a lot less expensive than you might imagine. The use of a car title loan is quick and efficient and is often cheaper than other forms of borrowing. Best of all, you get to keep your car and can make payments that are affordable and manageable.

At VIP Title Loans of Grapevine, we have made our reputation as the first auto title lender in the entire DFW Metroplex. Founded in 1989, we take great pride in our repeat customers and constant referrals.

We Are The Preferred Lender For Many Reasons
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Ability to be flexible and respond to our customer needs.
  • A Registered Lender with the state of Texas and governed by Texas’ laws. We are not an out-of-state agency, which is the case with most other auto title lenders
  • You get to keep your car
  • There is no credit check
  • Our trademark quick and E-Z approval process
  • Our six convenient DFW locations
Why We Exist

Many people in this economy are good people that have run into bad circumstances. We understand that circumstances arise where there is a need for cash that just can’t wait.

Especially when circumstances have ruined your credit and banks aren’t available as a resource, the situation can be stressful and demanding. It can be tempting to turn to some bad credit lending or payday lending sources where the rates can soar to 300 percent a year or more.

Why not turn to a source that can keep that cost to as low as 6 percent?

How We Work

The beauty of an auto title loan is that we lend on the value of the equity in your car, not on your credit rating.

In fact, no credit check is necessary. The transaction is quick, confidential, and done in a totally friendly and supportive environment. Our customers set up an account and walk out with the cash they need. Then, when they have paid off the loan, they can come back anytime to borrow again and repeat the process with no hassle and utmost confidence.

If you are a first-time customer, just bring your car and your title to the office, at any of our six convenient locations. You simply answer a few questions and our trained personnel will do a quick inspection of your vehicle.

We then use an industry database to get a value on your car and tell you how much of a loan you qualify for. You make the choice and we quickly print the documents and an agreed, easy repayment plan.