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Bedford area residents have the option to seek immediate cash assistance from car title loan Bedford companies. Title advances are quick cash advances that just about anyone can receive. Lenders give assistance to people with imperfect credit as well as people who do not work traditional jobs. Additionally, title lenders accept just about all makes and models of cars.

Bedford citizens have many options for title loans. However, it is important for a consumer to choose the right company from the beginning.

A good company will have certain attributes that stand out above all the others. The following is a list of qualities to look for in a title lender:


A title lender who has been operating for more than 10 years is doing something right. People continue to come to a provider like this because they trust it. Lenders who have been operating for many years also have a tendency to treat their customers more kindly. Most of their business relationships are long term because of the dedication they put toward their customer service and accommodations. When searching for a good auto lending institution, one should pay close attention to the years the company has been servicing the community.

Reasonable Rates

One quality that separates lenders is the interest rates.

Title advance interest rates vary greatly among companies.

Some shrewd companies charge people as much as 300 percent for an advance. Such a high-interest rate makes it difficult for a struggling consumer to pay the advance. A high-quality lender will want to make payment easy for the customer while still making money for the company. This type of company will offer a very low-interest rate, which will establish trust from prospective clients.

Positive Customer Feedback

One of the most important qualities of a decent lender is its customer commentary. People who have done good business with the company will be more than happy to place their comments online.

By reading consumer reviews, the prospective customer can get an idea of the company’s integrity and stand with the consumers in the area.


A respectable lender will have several locations so that a large radius of people can get to them easily.

This type of lender will also make contact information available on the website. A trusted company will offer several methods of contact and it will let the customer choose which one is best.

The Best in the Business

VIP Title Loans is the best car title loan Bedford company in the business. Not only does this company offer low-interest rates, but it also offers the lowest in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

New customers can take advantage of the six percent interest rate on title advances.

VIP has been in operation for 15 years, which makes it a trustworthy company with years of practice in making people happy. Additionally, there are seven convenient locations for customers to visit.