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A title loan is an amazing product for getting out of financial jams in a hurry. A multitude of providers offers such loans to help consumers transition through difficult times.

If you are a Texas consumer, then you have probably heard of several title loan offers. You have a wealth of companies you can choose for your title loan. However, not all title lenders have your best interests at heart.

You must conduct research and choose the best deal for yourself. Getting the best deal out of your car title loan is using loan products in a smart and productive way.

Interest Rates

You will need to pay close attention to the interest rates that your title lender offers. Many consumers end up struggling because they hastily sign contracts with unfair interest rates. Some title lenders charge their customers over 300 percent for interest.

The consumers agree to such interest rates because they think they cannot receive a better deal.

However, they can receive better interest rates because companies such as VIP Title Loans continually offer their clients low APRs.

In fact, VIP’s interest rates are as low as 6 percent. Six percent is the lowest interest rate in the state of Texas.

Repayment Terms

Another way that you can ensure that you receive the best deal out of your car title loan is by paying attention to the repayment terms.

A majority of title lenders request repayment on their loans after 30 days.

While 30 days may be a longer life than the average payday advance, it is still a brief period. Lenders like VIP Title Loans give their clients up to one year for loan repayment.

With such flexible terms, you can slowly repay your advance without breaking a sweat or stressing yourself.

Auto Breakdowns

Sometimes, cars have mechanical breakdowns and other issues during the course of the loan. VIP Title Loans offers special auto club privileges that help with such situations.

Title loan customers who wreck their vehicles can turn them in and receive 100 percent loan coverage. That means that you do not have to pay the loan if you total your car. Additionally, auto club membership will allow you to receive discounts on auto repairs. No other title loan company offers such amazing benefits with its loan products. VIP can make you feel safe and secure during the course of your loan. Security is something that every loan borrower needs.

The Best in the Business

VIP Title Loans is clearly the best title lender in the industry.

The company has been providing Texas residents with reasonable loan options for many years. You can obtain the best deal on a title loan by doing business with VIP. The company has several locations across the state of Texas. Some of their most popular locations are offices in Dallas, Mesquite, Denton, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Colleyville, and more.

If you have an existing title loan, VIP can help you pay it off and save money.