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It is not often that I am faced with an emergency, but recently I found myself in such a situation. I needed money quickly, so I decided to apply for an auto title loan in Richardson. I own two cars outright and had recently heard about car equity loans online, so I decided to start searching for the best auto title loan Richardson company. After taking the time to visit VIP Title Loans online, I was convinced that I had found the best auto title loan company in the area.

Why A Texas Title Loan?

Not only does VIP Title Loans offer fast approvals on auto title loans, they usually offer on-the-spot approvals. Since I had an urgent need for some extra cash, I drove my car into VIP Title Loans for fast approval.

At first, I was very concerned that I might not be approved because I don’t have the best credit rating. A representative from the company told me not to worry. They explained that if I owned my car outright and have the title to my car I can use the equity in my vehicle to get approved for an auto title loan quickly. What I discovered is that VIP Title Loans does not even take credit into consideration. After bringing in my car for a quick inspection, I was approved on the spot for an auto title loan.

It is a good thing that VIP Title Loans works so fast to approve drivers because I really needed the cash for an emergency. However, many drivers who apply for an auto title loan do not have an immediate need for cash.

I was told that drivers in Texas can get approved for an auto title loan in Richardson whether they need the money for an emergency or not. VIP Title Loans does not care how the money is going to be used, so I didn’t have to explain why I needed the money.

I am so glad that I found VIP Title Loans in Richardson online. Without VIP Title Loans, I would have had trouble getting the funds that I needed quickly.

To top that off, I only have to pay 6 percent interest. That means that I will be finished making payments on my auto title loan in about a year.

After I am done finishing paying off this auto title loan, I may think about applying for another one from VIP Title Loans. It makes better sense to apply for an auto title loan than a loan from the bank. Many lenders and banks can’t beat VIP Title Loans’s 6 percent interest rates. That is why I selected VIP Title Loans.

Although I rarely run into a situation where I need cash quickly, if I ever do run into a similar situation in the future I am definitely going to apply for an auto title loan from VIP Title Loans. Unlike all the other companies that do business in Texas, VIP Title Loans is actually located in Texas and governed by Texas law.

I prefer dealing with a local company that has been doing business in the area for over twenty years.