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Interested in using your car to finance the purchase of an additional new or used car? You should consider using any vehicle you own to apply for an auto title loan. An auto title loan or auto equity loans help people tap into the equity in their vehicle without needing to sell or trade-in their vehicle.

For people who want to hold onto their vehicles, an auto equity loan is a perfect choice. This is especially true for people who need two vehicles and cannot use one vehicle to purchase another one.

By applying for a low-interest auto equity loan, people can secure the cash they need to use as a down payment or to purchase a used or new vehicle. When deciding which auto title loan Plano to contact, you want to pay close attention to the interest rates the auto title loan company charges. Applying for an auto title loan from the wrong company can cost you thousands of dollars in interest. VIP Title Loans offers the best deal on auto title loans in Texas.

Other auto title loan Plano lenders charge 150% to 300% interest. In comparison, VIP Title Loans only charges six percent interest. This means applicants who secure a loan from VIP Title Loans will save a tremendous amount of money and have a much easier time paying their auto title loan off.

In addition to low-interest rates, you want to choose an auto title loan Plano lender that gives you the most time to pay off your auto title loan. Some companies require that you pay off your loan in one month and make you take out another loan if you cannot pay it off.

Why is VIP Title Loans Different?

VIP Title Loans gives car owners one full year to pay off their low-interest auto title loan. In addition, applicants who choose VIP do not have to make their first monthly payment.

By charging lower interest, giving applicants a full year to pay their loan off, and eliminating the first payment, VIP Title Loans is helping car owners in Texas achieve their goals.

Whether you choose to use the money on a new or used car, to pay for bills, or go on vacation, the money from an auto equity loan can be used for absolutely anything. Since VIP Title Loans only charges six percent interest, people who use an auto title loan from VIP to finance a vehicle may be able to save money on high-interest rate loans car dealerships and auto loan companies charge.

When comparing the benefits of applying for an auto title loan from other companies in Texas, VIP Title Loans is at the top of the list of auto title loan companies in Texas. This company offers auto title loans to car owners in Dallas, Garland, Lewisville, Mansfield, Grapevine, Colleyville, Plano, Mesquite, Fort Worth, Hurst, Bedford Grand Prairie, Bedford, Arlington, Denton, Mansfield, and Richardson.