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When you are shopping for a good company to get a title loan from, there are certain attributes that a good title loan company will have, and you need to keep your mind focused on these factors as you shop. When you take the time to shop and compare, you will find the VIP Title Loans ranks high in all these categories.

Specializes in Title Loans

Many lenders will advertise that they offer title loans, but the truth is that this is more of a sideline business. Their main type of lending is payday loans. Title loans are not payday loans. They are not for a short 30 day period of time, and the interest rates are lower than with payday loans. Because you are offering your vehicle as collateral, you should expect to get lower interest rates for a loan and a longer time to pay. When you get a title loan from a payday lender, it is true that the rates will be lower than with that same company’s payday loans, but it will not be as good a deal as you will get from a company like VIP Finance that specializes in title loans.

Competitive Interest Rates

Our interest rates are among the lowest found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
We can provide actual contracts that demonstrate that this is true. This is important because you will find many companies that advertise low rates, but these rates suddenly go up when it is time to sign a loan contract.

Shop around and compare our rates to others offering title loans, but you should also be aware of changes made to your interest rate from the advertised rate and the rate you will be charged. VIP Finance has the lowest rates based upon actual loan contracts and not simply an advertised rate.

Convenient Locations

It doesn’t matter how good a company’s service is if they are too far from your home. VIP Finance has locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and we most likely have a location near you. At the time of this writing, we have offices in Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Lewisville, Mid Cities, and Richardson.

Length of Time in Business

You want to find a company that has been around for many years. Lending companies can come and go, but it is the good companies that stay in business for many years. These companies have earned good reputations for customer service and have a strong customer base. We at VIP have been doing business for more than 25 years and are also a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing.

Easy to Apply for a Loan

A title loan company should make it easy to apply for a loan. It couldn’t be an easier process with VIP. You can come by any office location during business hours, without an appointment, and we will be able to process your loan. We only require that you bring your vehicle, Texas title, your extra keys, proof of income, and proof of Texas residency.