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Recently, I applied for an auto title loan from a bank only to discover two weeks later that I had been denied. According to the bank, I was denied a loan because of my credit rating.

However, I believe that I was denied because of my debt to income ratio. I was very disappointed because I needed the funds to cover my tuition and pay for books. Even though I do get financial aid from the school, it will not be enough to pay for everything that I need this semester. After running out of options, I decided to start searching for an auto title loan Mansfield company that offers low-interest auto equity loans to students in Texas.

After doing some research online, I found VIP Title Loans online. The company offers loans to people who own their vehicles outright. In addition, they also help people who have less than perfect credit.

I decided to give the company a call for further information. After discussing my situation with a representative, I was able to get the cash that I need to pay my college tuition and buy all the books that I need. The minute I was approved for the loan, I contacted my school to let them know that I would have the rest of the money soon. My advisers were glad to hear that I would be able to continue my education. Without an auto title loan, I probably would have had to withdraw this semester.

Since getting approved for a bank loan is very difficult, many of my friends use their vehicle to get an auto title loan before school starts each year. In fact, I may very well apply for another auto title loan in Mansfield next year at this time again. I have already discussed the possibility of applying for a new loan with my parents. They think that applying for an auto title loan is an excellent idea since the company only charges six percent interest and the loan can be paid off in full within one year. They told me not to apply for an auto title loan from any other company because many companies charge up to 300 percent interest. That is why I plan to stick with VIP Title Loans.

I Am Grateful That I Found VIP Title Loans of Mansfield

After getting denied for a loan by the bank, I really thought that I would have to drop out of school until I discovered VIP online. If you are a student like me and need extra cash to pay for tuition or books, then you should definitely think about contacting VIP Title Loans today. Whether you think you will be approved or not, if you own your car then you should apply for an auto equity loan from VIP Title Loans. This is because this company approves practically everyone, so even if you have bad credit get in touch with VIP Title Loans today.