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A poor credit score is often the reason some people get rejected for their loan requests. As their lower score could indicate that they were a credit risk at a certain time. Lenders can still choose to approve your loan, but you could pay a higher rate than someone who has a good credit score.

Fortunately, not all types of loans put you in a tight spot. When you need to meet surprise financial obligations or temporarily augment your income, you can get an auto title loan.

Obtaining a Loan Even with Bad Credit

Several factors can affect your credit score, and your payment history is one of them. Your credit score is more likely to go down if you consistently pay late or if you don’t pay at all.

A bad credit score has an impact not only on your chances of getting a loan, but it also affects the interest rate you’ll receive and even the quality of your life. It could impact your job, house rentals, and even relationships.

Here at VIP Title Loans, we focus on the value of your car to help you with your financial needs. Your car serves as collateral, and you still get to drive it. So, your credit score doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, it can be downright sad!

Every payment you make with us reduces your balance. Additionally, you can also choose to have an Auto Club to give you and your car protection during the period of the loan. We can even install a stolen vehicle recovery device to help you locate and recover your car. Now that’s service.

Requirements for Auto Title Loan

Getting an auto title loan is easy and convenient. You just have to bring the required documents and your car to one of our convenient locations. Our team will then inspect your vehicle to determine its value.

Of course, it’s necessary to have the Texas car title to prove that you’re the legal owner of the vehicle. Also, there should be no liens on your car. You must have liability, Mechanical Breakdown, and Comprehensive and Collision insurance, as well.

You’ll need to present proof that you are a resident of Texas and that you can pay off your auto title loan – paystubs are a great option for this. After completing the application, we put a lien on the car title and remove it after you have paid off the loan. Simple, right?

For more information, contact us today and see how we can help you in your time of need!