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If you are in the need of some quick cash for personal reasons and have exhausted the traditional methods, you may need to look into taking out a car title loan.

A car title loan is where you bring the title to your vehicle to a company and they give you a loan based on the value of the car.

You then make payments until your debt is paid, and the company will return the car title to you. Think of the process as a reverse car loan.

However, not all car title loans are the same, meaning that you should do your research to find the company with the best terms, such as VIP Title Loans.

They provide amazing benefits to their customers, and they offer competitive rates that rival local banks.

Low-Interest Rates for Car Title Loans

Many companies that offer car title loans will charge interest on the loans in upwards of 300 percent.

At VIP Title Loans, you can pay as little as six percent for up to a year on a loan, which is better than most banks can even offer.

Easy Monthly Payments

Since the interest rates are rock bottom, the monthly payments are low as well. You can choose from many attractive loan terms that fit your budget so you are not struggling before your next paycheck.

Plus, the low-interest rates mean that you will be able to pay your loan down faster and receive the title to your car free and clear. The minimum monthly payment at VIP Title Loans is $100 a month, which is the lowest that you will find in all of Texas

Keep Your Car

This is not a pawn shop where you have to turn over your property to get money. With a car title loan, all you give up is the title to the car, and then a lien is placed against your vehicle until the loan is repaid. This is so if you would happen to default on payments, the company could regain their money by selling your vehicle. However, once the loan is repaid, you receive your car title back in your hands without any liens on it.

All Types of Credit Accepted

With a car title loan, it does not matter if you have bad, slow or no credit. As long as you have a title to a working car, you can get money at a great interest rate, unlike a bank loan. Even if you had okay credit and were approved for a bank loan, you would still pay between 15 and 21 percent on that loan. At VIP Title Loans, you can pay as little as six percent on your loan for up to a year. Plus, the process is much quicker than a traditional loan.

Whatever reason you need money does not matter to a title loan company. All that matters is that you have the title to the car and that you will make payments to them on time. VIP Title Loans is officially registered with the state of Texas since they do business in Texas, unlike others in the industry.