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It’s been increasingly difficult to get the money you need when you need it the most. Banks and lenders have tightened their lending standards, and loan approvals can take days or weeks. Despite these problems, there is one company you can turn to when you need cash fast; you can rely on VIP Title Loans to get a car title loan in Mesquite.

Why A Title Loan

There are many reasons for needing cash fast. Emergencies happen all of the time, especially medical emergencies or emergency auto repairs. Some folks just need to catch up on their bills before their services are cut off. Whatever the reason, if you need fast cash, then turn to none other than VIP Title Loans for all of your money needs.

VIP Title Loans offers title loans for many types of cars and trucks.

Not A Payday Loan

Title loans are not payday loans.

  • A payday loan has to be paid back within two weeks, but a title loan can be paid back over time.

A payday loan is secured by a check that you write as well as your bank account information so they may draft a payment. A title loan is secured by the title of your vehicle. With a title loan, there is no need to give out any information about your checking account.

VIP Title Loans offers title loans on your car or truck so you can skip the revolving cycle of debt associated with payday loans.

The Best Choice

VIP Title Loans is the best choice in title loans.

VIP Title Loans charges 6% interest while all the others charge upwards of 150% or more. This difference saves you thousands of dollars a year in interest. This is money you can put towards the principal of your VIP loan and pay off your balance even sooner. VIP Title Loans is a local company lending money to local people in the DFW area, so you will get the personal service you deserve when you need a title loan.


VIP Title Loans offers convenience with its title loans. With VIP, you will only need to come in one time to get your loan and set up the payments. With other companies, you will have to come in as often as every two weeks to renew the loan and fill out more paperwork. An interest rate of 6% is also better than many banks and other lenders can offer, so you can get a loan even when it’s not an emergency.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need the money for an emergency or you need a loan with a great interest rate, you can trust VIP Title Loans for all of your title loan needs.