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When people have low credit scores or no credit history, their options are limited when they need to borrow money. If they own a car, truck, or van, they have one very positive option.

Go To VIP Title Loans And Apply For A Mid Cities Car Title Loan

A Mid Cities car title loan is a great option for people with a troublesome credit history because they will not be asked to submit to a credit check. Whether they are approved for a loan or not will depend on how much equity they have in their vehicles. However, car owners do not have to worry that they will need to give up their cars to obtain this type of loan or that they will no longer be the owner of the vehicle.

After they accept a Mid Cities car title loan, they will continue to drive the car as they have in the past, and they will retain ownership of the vehicle.

What Do People Need to Apply for a Loan?
In order to receive a Mid Cities car title loan, applicants will need to visit the nearest location with the vehicle so that it can be inspected.

They will also need the following documents:

  • The Texas car title
  • Proof of their income
  • Proof of their residency in Texas

Applicants will not need to make an appointment, and they will not have to wait while the lender performs a credit check. The vehicle will be inspected and the lender will determine how much equity is in the car. The applicants will learn the terms and conditions of the loan. If they find these to be acceptable, they will receive a loan that will have a term of up to 12 months.

After this process is over, the only difference will be that VIP Title Loans will have taken out a lien against the car title. However, this is the common practice of all lending institutions when people are borrowing money. The car’s owners remain the owners, and they make the decisions as to how and when the vehicle will be operated.

Repaying the Loan

After they receive their funds, car owners will begin repaying the loan after the first month. If needed, borrowers may be able to qualify for the minimum payment that will be only $100. However, if people come to the point where they have more money, they can pay off their loans in full and not be penalized for it.

Missing Payments

People must not think of a Mid Cities car title loan like any other loan. These loans are advantageous to them because the lender is not going to act in the same manner as traditional lenders. For example, if borrowers begin to experience financial difficulties, the lender may allow them to miss a payment if it is necessary. Also, the lender will work with clients who need to make a payment after the due date.

Car owners have flexibility when they apply for a Mid Cities car title loan.