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Texas has a lot to offer, from amazing food and cities to culture and people – but also, auto title loan companies, all clamoring that they are the best, the friendliest, the cheapest.

But they can’t all be telling the truth, now can they.

So, how can you tell which are reputable and which are shady? How can you tell when you’re getting ripped off?

The easy answer is simple – if you aren’t with VIP Title Loans, you aren’t getting the best title loan you could be.

But instead of just expecting you to believe us at our typed-word, let’s go through the questions you should be asking, and what you should be looking for in a title loan company. And let’s see how VIP Title Loans stacks up.

What to Look For in a Title Loan Company
What Are Their Rates?

Any title loan company you speak to should immediately tell you their APR, or annual percentage rates. This is the amount you will be paying in interest, and any title loan company that dances around the subject or won’t give you a clear answer is not the company you should be doing business with.

Look at VIP Title Loans, for example, we tell you exactly what our rates are – 6%.

That’s the lowest in the industry because we want you to actually pay off your title loan, not lose your car.

What Are Their Reviews?

Make sure you ask around, check online, or simply call or visit to see firsthand how your potential title loan company treats its customers and employees.

If they have great reviews, testimonials, or ratings online, they just might be reputable. If they treat their employees and customers with respect and kindness, then you might have found yourself in the right place.

VIP Title Loans has great reviews, ratings, scores, and customer service. You could say we’re the quadruple-threat of car title loan companies.

Where Are Their Locations?

You don’t want a company that is located hours away or unavailable.

What if something comes up?

What if you have to go in for some paperwork?

You want a title loan company that is close to you and in multiple locations.

With VIP Title Loans, that’s just what you get! Convenience is key with us, and we want to make sure your experience with us is as convenient and pleasant as possible. That’s why we have six locations always ready to serve you wherever you are.

Are They Clear?

Any reputable title loan company will make their terms clear to you because that’s how miscommunications or mistakes are avoided. You should walk out knowing your exact interest rate, any fees, due dates, and length of your title loan’s term.

If you aren’t clearly told the above pieces of information, chances are you just walked into and out of a trap.

Just keep on walking (or driving, skipping, running) until you get to one of VIP Title Loans’ six locations! We will make sure you fully understand the terms of your title loan, and you can be sure you’re getting the best interest rates and deal along with it.

Do You Know the Benefits They’ll Give You?

What if something comes up and you have to be a day late, what about two days late? Will you wake up in the middle of the night to someone repossessing your car?

Not with VIP Title Loans!

We are here to help, and we know that things can sometimes come up. So, if you have an issue – tell us. We will work with you to work something out that is mutually beneficial.

Remember, we want happy customers, and that means we want you to stay happy.

Are They Responsive?

What good is a title loan company if you can never get ahold of them when you need them? Not very good at all.

At VIP Title Loans, we are happy to talk, help, and explain whatever you need. We have extensive business hours and locations all to make your needs met with convenience and customer service.

Go Ahead – Try Out VIP Title Loans

Call us right now and put that test of responsiveness to the test. Or fill out a contact form online and see how quickly we get back to you.

Ask us questions and get the honest, clear answers you deserve. Or swing by one of our six locations to see what true service and convenience look like with a car title loan company.

Put us to the test or simply compare us here!

We can’t wait to do business with you.