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Title Loan Buyouts for Financial Help
If you feel stuck because you already have a bad car title loan, then look no further, because VIP Title Loans is known for two things – getting our clients the best Texas car title loans and getting other title loan companies’ clients the best car title loan buyouts!

With VIP Title Loans you pay on your loan, not just the fees and interest every month. That means you’ll actually be able to pay it off and see your balance go down each and every payment. Plus, we have loan terms of up to 1 year, twelve months, not just 30 or 60 days.

We offer both better rates and better loan terms, the two biggest factors in the title loan industry! And did we mention we have multiple, convenient locations too? Because we want to work with you to find the best option for you, without making you trek across town!

Lower Fees = More Money in Your Pocket

Of course, the biggest way that a VIP Title Loan Buyout can help your finances is the fact that you can pay less overall because our price, or APR (interest), is lower than anyone else in the industry.

Heard that before? Look at our APR comparison chart and see for yourself!
The difference is clear. $560 with Loan Star? $462 with Texas Car & Payday? Why would you ever choose to pay so much more when you could pay just $105.22 with VIP Title Loans? If you are switching from one of those gouging companies to us, you could save over $450 every month!

Longer Terms Mean You Have Time to Get Your Finances Right

Few financial issues can be resolved in 30 or even 60 days, but most Texas car title loan companies want you to pay back your loan in that amount of time. Why? Why would they expect that when they know it isn’t feasible for most situations?

Because they want to trap you and make you keep renewing or resigning your loan with more and more fees piling up, and more and more of your own time being wasted. Ultimately, they want to take your car – but VIP Title Loans doesn’t!

We give you loan terms of up to one year, so you have time to get your finances right, all while paying the lowest APR in the industry. Because our goal isn’t to charge you exorbitant amounts and then take your car, we are fully satisfied with 6% APR and building lasting, positive relationships with our clients and community.

A Title Loan Buyout Is a Lot Like Refinancing, Here’s Why:

A title loan buyout is basically like refinancing your title loan. It is an agreement between two lenders to transfer a title loan from one to the other.

A buyout happens when a borrower (you) can no longer afford to pay a title loan given its current terms and decides to seek out a new lender that buys title loans (us).

Borrowers seek a title loan buyout in the hopes that they will reduce their monthly payments. But first, they need to look for a title loan buyer that will:

  1. Pay the original lender the full amount they owe;
  2. Give them a lower annual percentage rate of interest (APR), and
  3. Offer a longer term with more installments (e.g., 12 months instead of 1)

Sounds simple, right? That’s because we make it simple.

It’s Simple & Easy to Switch + We’ll Walk You Through the Process

We don’t want to confuse you, waste your time, or drag out the process. We think you deserve the title loan you want, right now. That’s why we have friendly, knowledgeable staff at each of our area locations, so we are close to you and ready to help.

Have questions? Just ask. In fact, here are some of our most commonly asked questions.

Want to learn about our title loan buyout process? Find all our buyout information here. Ready to get started and apply online? Apply here and expedite your process in-store even more!

We Would Love to Steal You Away from Your Current (Bad) Title Loan Company – Call VIP Title Loans Today!

If you are looking for title loan help or someone to buy out existing title loans, then VIP Title Loans wants to help! You just need to bring in your vehicle, proof of income, proof of residence, application, and your current auto title loan, and as simple as that, we will pay off your title loan and get you a new, cheaper one that you can actually pay off.

Contact your closest area location or stop in today!