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Sometimes we forget that the little things really can make a large impact on our lives. But this is true for most things, from school, to work, even to get the most value out of your car.

Whether it be for a title loan or a sale, the little things matter, and it can mean more (or less) cash in your pocket.

Now, VIP Title Loans is no stranger to title loan value evaluations, and we are pretty good at selling, trading, and providing value estimations for other cars as well.

We thought we should pass along this knowledge to our loyal customers, so you can get the very best value for your car – whatever you decide to do with it.

First Thing’s First – What’s It Worth?

The best place to start any plan is with the facts. This means you need to do a little research and see what your car is truly worth.

Check out online car-value sites or comparable sales in your area. Remember to take into account the wear and tear, age, any damage, and mileage, as these make huge differences in value.

If you don’t know the true value of your car – well, then you won’t know when you’re being given a great deal, a mediocre one, or a downright bad one.

Take the time to research just a little bit, it might very well be the ticket that gets you the most value.

Clean That Car (Inside & Out)

This is often overlooked by individuals bringing a car in for an auto title loan, as well as trying to sell or trade-in their vehicle.

A $10 wash and 20 minutes with a rag and vacuum might mean the difference of 100s!

Think of it in two ways:

First, the better your car looks, the better value you will get for it because people will simply believe that it’s worth more, merely based on its appearance.

Second, people will make assumptions about how you treat your engine based on how you treat your paint job. Even if your car is old, most people will assume you’ve kept it in good condition under the hood if it’s clean and well maintained on the surface.

Never underestimate the cash some cleaning can bring.

Fix the Cost-Effective Issues

Don’t take this tip to mean you need to make your car run like it just rolled off the lot – oh no. Instead, let’s keep realistic and cost-effective maintenance and repairs in mind.

Examples of ‘cost-effective’ fixes include changing lights or blinkers, bumpers, or fixing easily buffed scratches or popped dents.

Additionally, cost-effective maintenance means you should check that check engine light now before it becomes a huge issue later. Or if you see a puddle under your car, get to the bottom of it today, not next week.

Be Kind to Your Car

This often goes unmentioned, but it is important to remember that even if you aren’t planning on selling or applying for a title loan any time soon, you should still treat your car well. Because at some point, it will bring you value.

And you want that value to be as great as possible.

So, brake lightly (safe for you and your car), wash often, vacuum when it’s nice out, and keep up on oil changes and tire pressure to avoid unnecessary issues.

Remember to Negotiate

This works better for selling than title loan value, but, depending on what company you work with, you could still try to negotiate the value of your car.

However, remember tip #1? This is important here.

After all, how can you negotiate for a better payout on your car if you don’t know what the actual value of your car is? How would you know what a good offer or a bad offer is?

This brings us full circle – back to research and knowledge – because that’s the best way to guarantee you get the best value for your car, whether you are looking for a title loan, a trade-in, or to sell.

Is Your Car Ready for a Title Loan? Come Visit Us & See Your Car’s Value!

Get those scrub brushes, soft clothes, and buckets, and then get to VIP Title Loans to get the very best value, rates, and service for your title loan.

We have six locations all around you, so you don’t have to go far.

Contact us today to learn more, or get your questions answered here, or read more helpful hints on our blog page.