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Texas consumers sometimes fall upon situations in which they need cash in a hurry. It might be time to purchase school clothing for the children or time to buy an expensive electronic device for a birthday present. Consumers also sometimes need cash to pay late bill payments and obtain housing repairs. Additionally, some people just like to have extra savings in their accounts for the feeling of extra comfort. For those who need money within 24 hours, VIP Title Loans has the perfect solution: a car title loan Mid Cities. This product is the solution to many of the problems that face Texas consumers today.

A car title loan is a short-term cash advance based on the value of a consumer’s vehicle. The lender considers such factors as the age of the vehicle, make, model, and condition.

A person with a newer vehicle will be eligible to receive a larger advance than a person with an older vehicle will receive. However, VIP Title Loans considers all vehicles for cash advances. If the person can drive it, then it becomes an item of monetary value.

Qualifying For A Car Title Loan Mid Cities Is Easy

Any person who lives in the DFW area can apply for assistance by calling the number to the closest location. A representative will help to assess the value of the car over the phone.

However, the individual will have to bring the vehicle in for a full inspection. Along with the car, the applicant will also need to bring identification, proof of residence, and proof of a stable income. The lender will need to feel confident that the borrower can repay the advance.

The lender will accept most types of income as proof of repayment ability.

In other words, one does not have to work at a traditional job to qualify for an advance.

VIP Title Loans does not conduct credit checks. A person’s credit score means absolutely nothing to the company. Its main goal is to provide funding to vehicle owners who have the ability to repay the advance. VIP believes in giving Texas residents a second chance when it comes to borrowing. The person’s car title provides security for the advance. The company will place a temporary lien on the vehicle until the borrower repays the advance. At such a time, it will release the hold on the vehicle, and the borrower will be eligible to request future advances.

Various companies offer title loans to the community. However, VIP Title Loans offers some of the lowest interest rates in the entire state.

Most title loans have a hefty annual percentage rate of up to 300 percent. VIP offers a low, reasonable interest rate of 6 percent. Customers are able to pay down their balances quickly, instead of wasting most of the payment money on interest rates alone.

If the reasons provided were not enough for a person to apply with VIP, then perhaps the speed of service will entice. Applicants can have cash in their hands in as little as 30 minutes.