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I have always had a ton of credit cards in my wallet. Recently, I had to say goodbye to many of my credit cards because I just couldn’t handle all the payments anymore. cheap I used to like having them, but now I can stand the sight of a credit card. After some time passed, all the monthly minimums became too much to handle and I needed to find a way to pay down the balance. After discussing my dilemma with a friend, she suggested that I contact VIP Title Loans an auto title loan Grand Prairie lender for help. VIP Title Loans offers auto title loans to people who own their car outright and need extra cash to pay off their credit card debt.

After discussing my situation with a few debt consolidation companies that promised to get my credit card balances reduced dramatically, I decided the best way to manage my debt was to apply for an auto title loan that I could use to pay off my credit card balances. At the rate that I was going, I would never pay off my credit card balances. That is why I decided to apply for an auto title loan and use the money to settle most of my credit card debt. The minute I paid down my balances I knew that I made a good decision. This is because the interest on my auto title loan is less than the interest I was paying on my credit cards.

In the end, I was able to pay down credit card balances and save a lot of money as well.

I only wish I had known about auto title loans before I started applying for credit cards. Even though many of those credit cards with zero balance offers sound great, the offers do not last forever. I am finally back on my feet.

In many ways, I think auto title loans are better than credit cards. However, you have to choose the right auto title loan Grand Prairie company.

If you choose the wrong company, then you may wind up losing your vehicle. After contacting VIP Title Loans directly, I knew that VIP was the right choice. They have been in business for over 20 years and are governed by the laws of Texas. Other companies that offer auto equity loans in the State of Texas can do as they please because they do not have to abide by Texas laws. This is why I chose VIP Title Loans.

Currently, I am close to paying off my auto title loan. Once I do, VIP Title Loans will hand me back the title to my car. Although I look forward to getting my title back, I may use my car again to apply for another car title loan from VIP Title Loans. This is because the 6 percent interest rate is manageable and I like getting a lump sum of cash that I can use to pay for things I need.