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When searching for a car title loan in Garland, many consumers choose us. There are several reasons why consumers choose to get a title loan through us and not our competition.

The entire loan process is very simple to understand, and we make it a priority to get you the cash that you need quickly.

We’ve completely streamlined the entire loan process, and we aim to make your experience quick and enjoyable.

Apply For Your Loan Online

The first step to getting a title loan through us is the online application. You need to fill out the application online, and it should only take a few minutes to complete.

The main purpose of your online application is to help us determine how much money we can loan you. You don’t have to worry about your past credit, and we do our best to work with our customers.

Every day, we give loans to people who don’t have perfect credit.

The Paperwork

After filling out the online application, the next step is filling out the paperwork. We will supply you with all of the documentation that you need to complete. Although it might seem complicated at first, the paperwork that you must fill out is actually very simple.

You will need to provide documentation like a picture ID. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete the paperwork that we give you.

It’s easy to fax the paperwork to us, and after that, you will be that much closer to getting the loan that you need.

Getting the Cash

The last step is the actual process of getting the money from us.

Upon arriving at our location, you’ll meet with a title loan processor; this person is ready to finalize the loan, which will allow you to get your cash.

The loan processor will examine your vehicle, and he or she will explain all of the various documents that are required to get the loan. After that, you will be given a check that you can cash.

As mentioned earlier, the entire process is very simple and easy to understand.

Why Choose Us

Many of our customers want to know what we offer that our competition doesn’t offer. Our answer to these customers is simple; we don’t make our customers make any payments during their first month, and we offer loan repayment that is easily the cheapest in Texas.

We even help customers who have an active title loan. In many situations, we actually pay off an existing title loan that a customer might have.

Many of our competitors charge an interest fee of 300 percent. Normally, our customers will pay an interest rate as low as 6 percent.

You also get to keep your vehicle. We have a total of six different locations to provide our customers with the highest level of convenience. Unlike most of our competition, we don’t run a credit check on our customers.