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Recently, I needed a little extra cash so I start doing some research online to find a car title loan Lewisville company online.

Why I Chose VIP Title Loans?

I was so happy when I found VIP Title Loans online. Once I learned that this company only charges 6 percent interest and other car title loan companies charge as high as three hundred percent, I knew that I was going to apply for a car title loan from VIP Title Loans in Lewisville.

As I conducted more research, I soon discovered that many drivers who are locked into high-interest car equity loans contact VIP Title Loans for help. Many drivers have car equity loans with interest rates as high as 300 percent. Many drivers locked into these high-interest loans have trouble making payments. This is why so many drivers who are currently stuck in a high-interest car equity loan turn to VIP Title Loans for help.

After conducting more research on the topic, I learned that many car title loan companies are only in business to make a profit.

They do not care about the end result. That is another reason why I decided to apply for a car equity loan from VIP Title Loans. I also chose VIP Title Loans because the company even works with people who have bad credit, a bankruptcy, or repossession in their past. Although VIP Title Loans is not a bank, the company has been in business in Texas and has served drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area for over twenty years. In fact, they are one of the first companies to offer auto title loans in Texas. This is why I chose this company.

VIP Title Loans is not out to take advantage of drivers. With interest rates as low as 6 percent, I decided to apply for a car equity loan from VIP Title Loans. First, I was thinking about applying for a credit card, but even credit card companies charge more interest than that. This is why I made the decision to contact VIP.
After contacting VIP Title Loans directly, I learned that the funds from a car title loan company can be used for anything.

I am past due on all of my bills, so that is my first priority.

However, there are no restrictions as to what I can do with the money. After paying off my bills, I have decided to use a little of the money that is left over to buy myself a new wardrobe.

I work hard and want to treat myself to some new clothes, so I can look great when I go out with friends and family.

Once I was ready to apply, I drove my car to VIP Title Loans. All I had to do was hand over the title to my car in exchange for cash. In the meantime, I can continue to drive my car around. After I finish paying off my loan, they will give me back the title to my vehicle.

The process went so smoothly I think I will apply for another car title loan once I finish paying this one-off.