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Auto Equity Loan: Cash When You Need It

If you find yourself short on cash when you need it most, you are not alone. An emergency medical bill or unexpected auto repair can leave you without the funds you need.

This can be especially troubling when payday at work is still far in the future. An auto equity loan may be the answer you are looking for.

At VIP Title Loans, we understand your concern and are here to help. Your paid-off automobile was a sizeable investment on your part, and you deserve to get your hands on the equity you have built while paying off your car loan. Consider an auto equity loan from VIP Finance, and enjoy the freedom of quick cash while still retaining ownership of your vehicle.

How It Works

A car title loan is a method of obtaining a cash amount balanced by the equity you have in your automobile.

If your car is paid for and you hold the title, you can apply for and receive a cash loan from us while still maintaining ownership of your vehicle.

Because an automobile is worth thousands of dollars and is an easily resellable commodity, the value it represents can be considered as collateral for a cash loan.

Our company offers some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, rapid processing of your application, and instant access to the cash you need.

Simple Application Process

To apply for an auto equity loan with VIP Title Loans, you will need to present proof of vehicle ownership. Bring in your title and registration along with verifiable identification documents, proof of residence, and proof of income. We will inspect your vehicle and offer you a cash loan that is equivalent to a percentage of your car’s estimated value.

Your loan can be repaid monthly. The amount of the monthly payments and the term of the agreement will depend on the loan principal. A lien will be placed on your vehicle, but you will retain ownership. Your car’s title will be returned to you when you pay off your cash loan.

An Industry Leader

VIP Title Loans operates on a very simple principle. We offer our customers the lowest finance charges while at the same time providing them with the absolute maximum loan amounts acceptable to the vehicle in question.

Many of our competitors ask you to apply for a new loan each and every month.

Our company offers you an extended agreement, much like a traditional bank loan but without the unreasonable wait times for approval.

Outstanding Customer Service

At VIP Title Loans, we take the time to listen to our customers’ needs.

Not everyone requires a loan package with a starting principle of $3,000+, nor does everyone need a full year to repay the balance and interest. We can tailor an auto equity loan package that meets your expectations, and we are more than happy to discuss the details of your loan agreement prior to obtaining your signature.

The value of your automobile and the proof that you earn a steady paycheck is what is most important to us. Your credit score or loan history is not used as consideration for obtaining cash financing from the VIP Title Loans.

Visit one of our convenient locations today and get the cash you need instantly.