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An auto title loan is a good way for people in Texas to get access to money fast for bills, emergencies, or any other purpose. There are many national lenders to choose from today.

The best choice is really a title loan lender that is locally owned and operated. VIP Title Loans is different from the competition in a number of important ways.

Low-Interest Rates and Monthly Payments

Many auto title loan companies in the country will do everything possible to charge borrowers as much as is legally allowed. It is common to find these companies charging upwards of 300 percent interest with very high monthly payments. VIP Title Loans was founded in Texas and uses different standards. They charge competitive rates for loans that are often as low as just 6 percent. They even actively compare rates with other lenders so borrowers can see the savings over the life of a loan.

Locked-In Rates For As Long As 12 Months

Some auto title lenders only provide loans with terms a month or two months. This means the majority of a loan needs to be paid off in 30 days in order to avoid reapplying for a new loan for the next month.

VIP Title Loans provides loans that follow traditional guidelines. Borrowers can receive loans with terms of up to 12 months. Additionally, the rates for the loan can be fixed instead of fluctuating wildly every month. This can save a significant amount of money in interest. It also makes more money available every month due to the lower payments.

VIP Title Loans Follows Texas Regulations

A large number of companies offering auto title loans are actually based in states outside of Texas. This means those companies have no local interest or knowledge about the state.

Those companies also do not need to follow Texas regulations. VIP Title Loans is different because it is a local company registered in Texas. The lender must follow the laws of the state. This benefits everyone because Texas has strong regulations that help to protect lenders and borrowers.

Personalized Service

Most of the national companies that offer car title loans do not care about individual borrowers.

They use standard templates for applications and offer generic terms and services. VIP Title Loans will provide personalized service to Texans. The company has one of the longest grace periods available for title loans. They can make loans for other vehicles with a title such as a boat or a recreational vehicle. They will even work with borrowers if something unexpected happens while repaying the loan.

Refinancing Is Available

There are times when the original financing for a vehicle turns out to be a bad deal. This is especially true for people who accepted high-interest dealer financing. VIP Title Loans can help by allowing drivers to refinance at a potentially lower rate.

If a car is not fully paid off, then the lender can pay off the balance and issue a loan that could have an interest rate as low as 6 percent.