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I didn’t know about auto title loans until a friend of mine told me that she recently had recently applied for one.

I decided to do a little research online to find an auto title loan Hurst company that offers these types of loans. After doing a few searches online I found VIP Title Loans in Hurst online. This company has been offering car equity loans for over twenty years.

Why Get a Title Loan from VIP Title Loans?

Since I didn’t know anything about auto title loans, I decided to call up the company to ask a representative for a little more information.

The person at the company that I spoke with told me that they offer car equity loans to people who own their cars outright. I was told that as long as I met some basic requirements and had the title to my car I could qualify for the same day auto title loan. The representative told me that the whole process takes approximately a half-hour and that most people are eligible for a loan even if they bad credit, have filed for bankruptcy in the past, or have even been repossessed.

VIP Title Loans is not a bank, so they work with a lot of drivers who would not ordinarily qualify for bank loans or credit cards.

This was a big relief because I have blemishes on my credit report and I know that I cannot get approved for a traditional bank loan.

I recently applied for a traditional car loan and was denied, so I was concerned that VIP Title Loans would deny my application, but they didn’t. This is one of the reasons why I tell everyone to apply for a car equity loan from this auto title loan Hurst company.

What I like most about auto title loans is that I didn’t have to sell my car to raise cash. That is what I originally had planned on doing, but when my application for a car loan was denied I knew that I would have to look into other alternatives. I am so glad that my friend told me about the VIP Title Loans. The company is only charging me six percent interest and I have a full year to pay back the loan. In addition, they told me that I could use my car to apply for another car equity loan in the future should I need to raise additional cash.

When I was doing research online to find auto title loan Hurst companies, I came across a lot of car equity loan companies.

What I Discovered Is That VIP Title Loans Is Based in Texas, So They Must Abide by Texas Law.

All the other companies out there are not based in Texas, so the State of Texas has no oversight over these auto title lenders.

This is why I chose to go with the VIP Title Loans. This company is at the top of the list of car equity loan lenders in Hurst and Texas.