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Everything costs more these days. Just making it from month to month is sometimes a nearly impossible task. Rising food prices and the cost of gasoline are making a huge dent in everyone’s budget. So what we do when we need cash for an unexpected bill or even for that vacation that we have not been able to afford? How about an auto equity loan Ft. Worth?

The Perfect Loan for Texas Vehicle Owners:

If you own your vehicle and need money fast, you may qualify for an auto equity loan. VIP Title Loans is a lender in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with six convenient locations for you to choose from. We loan money on your car’s equity. You still own and drive the car, and when the loan is paid in full, we return your pink slip to you, and your car has no encumbrances whatsoever.

In fact, you may even want to get another title loan at that time, too.

The Title Loan Process:

When you come into one of our six offices, we will inspect your car.

We will also need proof of income and proof of residence. We then keep your car title until your loan is paid off.

We are a registered lender in the state of Texas. As such, we can be flexible in the event you have a financial emergency. We will work with you if you need to make a payment a little late. We can extend you a cash advance on your loan.

Low Interest:

We are unlike other auto equity lenders or payday lenders because we grant one loan. Our interest rate is 6 percent. Payday lenders and other institutions that grant pink slip loans require that you return in two weeks, pay off your loan plus fees and interest and then reapply for a new loan. This is extremely expensive.

Compare With Other Lenders:

If you were to get a $4,000 loan from us, we would charge you $240 in interest for the entire year.

Your payoff amount would be $4,240. If you were to get a payday or pink slip loan for the same $4,000 from another auto title or payday lender, your payoff after one year would be $16,000 because you would have to pay off the loan and interest every two weeks at 150 to 300 percent!


Your credit is irrelevant to us.

We base your loan entirely on the value of your car and your ability to pay. If you own your car outright, you can qualify for an auto title loan from VIP Title Loans.

We also grant loans to automobile owners who are still paying on their current auto loans. In this event, we amortize your old loan into your new.