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The market is saturated with short-term lenders such as title loan companies, and consumers always have reasons to borrow money.

So many options exist that a consumer can become severely confused about where to turn. A person should conduct research before signing an agreement with any title lender. Choosing the wrong lender could leave a trustworthy consumer in a heap of financial trouble.

Therefore, that person must examine his or her options closely. A lender should possess qualities that make the company stand out. The following attributes will help a person to choose the best title lender in Texas:


An ethical title loan company will have a number of indicators pointing to its solid reputation. Affiliation with an important bureau such as the Better Business Bureau is one indicator. Another item that points to a reliable title loan firm is consumer feedback. Other people who have used a title lender’s services will leave glowing comments, testimonials, and ratings.

An interested consumer will be able to read this information online. A company that has a large number of positive comments from consumers is most likely a good one.


Rates are critical in the title loan industry. The majority of title lenders have impossible interest rates that often leave consumer’s damages. These interest rates can fluctuate between 20 percent to over 300 percent.

A reliable title loan company will offer fair rates. A superior title loan company will offer rates that are lower than 20 percent.

The time that a title loan company gives the consumer to repay an advance is as important as the rates. Some title lenders only allow 30 days for repayment. A trustworthy lender will give the consumer a generous amount of time so that he or she does not feel the pressure. The key is to provide consumers with stress-free loans. An honorable company will offer consumers up to one year for repayment. Additionally, the installments will be low enough for the consumer to pay the balance down comfortably.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of a business.

Representatives should be available for explaining every aspect of the lending process. Alternatively, the lender can have the information on its main website for consumers to view. Consumers need their lenders to be completely transparent. There should be no hidden fees, traps or false advertising. VIP Finance passes all tests for the perfect lender.

A Breath of Fresh Air

VIP Finance is a breath of fresh air.

The company provides consumers with title loans of up to $6,000. Consumers will love the low-interest rate that VIP provides. Some borrowers can enjoy a low 6 percent interest rate for the duration of the loan agreement. The payments can be as low as $100 per week.

Additionally, VIP Finance has a reputation for the lowest rates and the best treatment in all of Texas.

Interested parties can call 817-265-2274.