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Title loans can be tricky things, and unless you are an expert, you may very well get stuck in a bad one with high-interest rates and unfair terms. You could even get stuck with a title loan that resets or rolls over every 30 days! That’s extra fees, extra interest, and extra paperwork every month!

VIP Title Loans is doing our best to ensure that that doesn’t happen to you, or anyone for that matter. We want our customers to get the best interest rates and the best terms with the best title loan company in Texas.

But if you want to get the best interest rate, then you need to understand all the basics, and most importantly – know your numbers. Learn more below!

APR or Annual Percentage Rates

Yearly percentage rates are often called APR or Annual Percentage Rates, and the lower the number, the less money you pay in addition to your loan.

Interest rates are essentially the money you pay for the ability to get a loan. So, if you take out a loan for $500, but ultimately you pay $550 over the duration of your loan period, then your interest is that extra $50.

But of course, interest rates are percentages, not flat rates. So, the more you borrow, the more you owe back, both on principle and in interest.

What Rates Should You Look For?

The best interest rates are the lowest interest rates, but what do you do when everyone is claiming the lowest?

You compare the numbers, of course.

Just like any shopping around, you should look at what has the lowest total cost and go with the option that best suits your needs.

With VIP Title Loans, we have the lowest rates in the state – no, really.

Others charge 30% all the way up to 300%, sometimes even more! But VIP Title Loans is always just 6%.

No gimmicks, no math, no tricks.

Just 6% interest and you have yourself the cash you need now!

Need a Title Loan? Call Today.

If you have found yourself in need of cash now, but don’t want to pay the outrageous prices of a payday loan or put it all on a credit card with high interest rates, then consider an auto title loan from VIP Title Loans.

We have 6 convenient locations so we’re always where you need us.

Talk to our friendly staff or fill out an application online to expedite your in-house loan application process and you could walk out with your money today.

And we never use 30-day terms, making you pay everything back within a month like the other guys. We have loan terms of up to 12 months! Meaning you actually have time to get your finances in order, without the high interest, extra fees, or rollover rates of the one-month companies.

Come to see the difference that VIP Title Loans offers and let us help you get back on track with the best interest rates, terms, locations, and team.