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There are few universals in the world, however, one absolute we at VIP Title Loans are sure of is that most everyone wants to save money, learn how to better manage their finances and keep household costs from growing unnecessarily (especially if you have a Texas title loan, mortgage, credit card balance or the seemingly ever-present student loan).

Everyone can benefit from small changes to save their hard-earned money.

That’s why we are here to help with some of our easiest, fastest, and most reliable ways to save money without drastically changing your budgets or lifestyle, even if you’ve already taken the first steps like getting a Texas title loan through VIP Title Loans.

Know Where You Are (and Let Technology Help):

The first step for any new endeavor you decide to conquer is putting in the foundational work of research or knowing where you are now so you can better plan where you would like to be later.

Luckily, if you aren’t a natural research wiz or veteran financial adviser, you don’t have to worry, as there are many great apps and programs which are designed to be easy to use and can help you know exactly how much you have, where it’s going and how to best organize it (Mint and You Need a Budget are some fan favorites).

These apps are meant to help you take control of your finances and can easily help you categorize your spending, like auto-related expenses (gas, car payment, insurance), home-adjacent costs (mortgage, rent, utilities) and even debt (credit cards, student loans, Texas title loans).

Check here for a list of the best finance apps of 2018!

Let Small Things Make Big Changes (Like Your Texas Title Loan Did):

You might think that the only way to save money is by drastically changing your lifestyle, spending habits, or comfort level. And you wouldn’t be alone, many people find the idea of saving money daunting because it seems such a large job.

The truth is actually quite the opposite- every dollar saved is a dollar.

Whether you save 5 dollars on a 50-dollar grocery trip or 5 dollars on a 1,500 dollar vehicle, the amount you saved is the same. Statistics and percentages are very helpful in a multitude of ways, but not here. Because we don’t buy things with percentages in mind, we buy them by price.

This is the entire principle of VIP Title Loans, of making sure you aren’t paying too much in high-interest loans when you could switch and instead save that difference.

Now You’re in the Mindset…But What Small Changes?

So now you’ve done the research, you’ve got your head right, you know you can do this…but what is this? Where do you go from here? You’ve already saved interest with your Texas title loan, but what else can you do?

This is where many people trip up but have no fear, VIP Title Loans are here to help you sail through the ‘how’ with ease (and variety) because the truth is, there are so many ways to save!

Turn off the TV – lower cable bill (Netflix or Apple TV is getting better and better every month), the lower electric bill, and fewer commercials feeding the buy-buy-buy mentality.

Switch banks – every once in a while, look around for new offers, promos or better rates from the banks in your area, consider what you really need from a bank

De-clutter your space – instead of collecting things, do the opposite and clear out some things, either by re-selling or donating. And here’s the real savings kicker… don’t replace them. Selling just to buy again defeats the purpose, so let your space breathe while padding your wallet.

30-day rule – do you really need that golden bottle opener, or that single-season dress, or those new kicks which (let’s be honest) are very close to your other 16 pairs? This is a great rule, based on the notion that you shouldn’t buy something the day you see it, instead, give it 30 days and if you still want it after the 30 days, then maybe you really do need it. But odds are you’ll have forgotten all about it.

Make a shopping list (and stick to it) – this will lessen those impulse buys in the store, and therefore keep your bill more expected and manageable.

Drink more water – healthier and cheaper? This is a great win-win and can check off multiple resolutions in one fell swoop.

Stop using credit cards – unless you are paying them off each month, those points aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you.

Don’t stress-spend – if you get stressed about money and therefore spend it, which stresses you more, so you spend more, so you feel more stressed…you can see the problem here. It’s a vicious cycle, which the 30-day rules greatly helps.

Wash your hands! – does this seem out of place? It isn’t! You could be saving big on cold medicines throughout the year, missed wages, or doctor visits if you try to keep yourself in tip-top shape!

Get your number offline – no, not your phone number, your credit card numbers. If you take them off your online accounts, then you’re less likely to buy un-needed things with the ‘ease of a couple of clicks’.

And of course, a Texas title loan – if you haven’t already ditched your high-interest debt for a VIP Title Loans, now is the time to consider it. See what you could save with VIP Title Loans!

Need More Help or A Texas Title Loan to Get Started?

Contact us to see what we can do to help you take control of your bank account, credit cards, or loans!

A Texas title loan from VIP Title Loans has the lowest interest rates and the most forgiving payment plans, plus you can keep your car!

See what a difference small changes can make!