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A Texas title loan is a great way to keep your vehicle while using it as collateral for your loan, and with rates much lower than traditional loans, and no credit checks (because credit doesn’t matter, your car does) a title loan from VIP Title Loans is a great way to get cash in hand through a loan you can actually pay off!

Wary of taking out a loan? Rest assured that a title loan can actually help you get out of debt instead of sinking you further! See our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how VIP Title Loans is the best Texas choice with the lowest total payback in the industry and the most lenient grace period for late or missed payments.

If you find yourself asking if a title loan is the right choice for you, let these 4 reasons help you understand all the benefits that could work for you!

Stay Mobile: You Can Still Use Your Car

Of course, the best advantage of a Texas title loan is that you can still keep your car and continue driving it (you know, so you still have a way to get to work).

Title loans from VIP Title Loans aren’t like traditional bank loans where we keep your collateral or take it away the second you miss a payment or are a little late – instead, we work with you!

Our goal is for you to be able to pay your loan back, improve your credit, and have the cash you need for life’s little surprises.

Title Loans Have Lower Rates

If you have a traditional loan (car loan, student loans, or backed up credit card bills) chances are good that you are paying much more in interest than you would be with a Texas title loan from us.

Why throw your money at interest rates instead of paying off your premium? You don’t have to do that anymore, with our A.P.R. (Annual Percentage Rate) being only 6% and many credit cards soaring over 20% or other Texas title loans reaching over 150%, why would you go anywhere else?

Bad Credit? A Title Loan Could Improve It!

If you are stuck in the cycle of paying only your minimum and getting buried under all the interest and fees of your current credit card debt or loans, then a Texas title loan can actually help your credit score, as you will be able to pay off your cards and have a lower interest rate.

This means more of each payment goes towards your debt instead of their rates, letting you get out of debt faster, while actually paying less.

More Than Just Car Title Loans, We Accept it All!

Even better than a car title loan? A title loan on literally anything else that is mobile!

Have a boat, ATV, camper? If it’s a form of transportation, then you can get a title loan on it and begin paying off those bills that have been piling up.

Have two cars? Two cars and a motorcycle? The possibilities for title loans are endless, and with our low rates, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal with the best company.

Do You Want to Pay Less and Get Out of Debt Faster?

Then contact VIP Title Loans today at one of our many Texas locations and begin the climb out of debt today. We look forward to hearing from you, helping you, and keeping you afloat and mobile!