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A Good Car Title Loans in Texas
VIP Title Loans knows we are the best car title loan company in the industry, but unfortunately, that’s what everyone says! So, we decided to show you what makes a good car title loan, and then let you decide if we fit the bill.

Whether you need a car title loan, a title loan buyout, or just more information about how to save money on your current car title loan or other debts, we want to prove that we are your best option, and have been for years.

Here are the top 5 things that make a good car title loan in Texas!

Longer Terms

Some car title loan companies have terms of only 30 days – but in 30 days you probably won’t have all the money you need, plus the extra for your debts and interest. That’s why VIP Title Loans thinks it’s unfair that most title loan companies make you re-sign and pay more every 30 days (that means the ‘term’ of their loan is 30 days). This is a common trick to get you into a debt cycle – which is the opposite of what we want!

Having a short term, or a quick ‘turn-around’ makes it easy for the title loan company to keep piling on fees and time-consuming re-signing consultations. Instead of all that, VIP Title Loans simply gives longer terms – up to 12 months! So you can get your finances right.

Lower APR

VIP Title Loans has the lowest APRs, and second place isn’t even close (over 10 times as much). Did you know that most car title loan companies around us are charging 100%, 200%, or even higher interest rates? We think that is borderline criminal!

Our APR is just 6%, and that doesn’t only include interest, it’s actually our interest rates plus fees, which means you aren’t just getting a low-interest rate, but a low ‘total payback’ cost. This is a huge perk of getting your title loan through the best in the industry – VIP Title Loans.

Convenient Locations

We have six convenient locations, so you don’t have to go far to get the best car title loan in Texas. Plus, each location is staffed with helpful, knowledgeable, local staff who want to get you the best title loan for your needs – which just so happens to be ours!

Check out all our locations here.

Easy Process

We want to help you from application to signing, cash to repayment, and we want to make sure you understand each part of our process – that’s why we made it simple, easy, and fast!

At VIP Title Loans, we don’t want to confuse you, but help you become financially stable! Many companies try to confuse their clients instead of helping them because that will get them into worse loans and make the company more money or let them repossess their car – we don’t ever want that at VIP Title Loans. And we prove it by working with you every step of the way.

VIP Title Loans makes getting a title loan as simple as possible, in fact, all we ask is that you bring the following with you to one of our convenient 6 Texas title loan locations:

  1. Your Vehicle for Inspection (to determine the value)
  2. Your Texas Title (if available)
  3. Proof of Income (bank statements, paystub, etc.)
  4. Proof of Residence (anything with an address on it)

Fill out our application online, or come into one of our area locations and have our staff help.

Instead of making you jump through a number of hoops, just bring in your vehicle, your title, proof of income, and proof of residence in Texas. And if you want a title loan buyout, then bring these 4 items plus your old title loan so we know how much to pay off. See? Simple.

Fast Results

We offer quick and easy applications and results. Because we know you need the cash in hand today, not in a few weeks! Come in and see how easy it is to walk out with the money you need to pay bills, emergency expenses, or bridge the gap before your next payday.

Contact VIP Title Loans today, or visit one of our six area locations!