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Everyone wants to save money. But what’s the best way to go about it? Consider these 10 money-saving tips to help you think of the best ways to save money in your daily life.

  1. Set aside 10% every month: Schedule an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to deposit 10% of your income into a savings account. Over time, that money will build into a healthy emergency fund.
  2. Take a “staycation”: If you’re pining for a trip, don’t drop thousands of dollars on plane tickets and hotels. Instead, take in the sites close to home for a week. As a bonus, you’ll get to spend each night in the comfort of your own bed.
  3. Save on utility bills: Start by making your home more efficient to lower your heating and cooling costs. This includes sealing air leaks and adding more insulation. Then, bundle any utilities you can — including cable, internet, and cell phone — for a discount.
  4. Annualize your small spending habits: Don’t think spending $5 a day on coffee is a big deal? You can save $1,300 per year if you brew a cup at home each morning instead. Looking at small, recurring expenses like this can help you realize the potential for long-term savings.
  5. Shop sales: Whether buying essential groceries, browsing for new clothes, or shopping for big-ticket items, take advantage of sales and coupons whenever possible. Getting a good deal doesn’t just save you money — it also makes you feel good.
  6. Don’t indulge in impulse buys: To avoid buyer’s remorse, always think about large purchases for a day or two. Your wallet will thank you if you decide not to buy that item after all.
  7. Eat out less: Cooking meals at home is much more affordable than getting carryout or eating at restaurants. If you’re strapped for time, cook meals in large batches so you can draw from leftovers throughout the week.
  8. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions: Has it been months since you used your video streaming service? Do you really need that old magazine subscription? Pare down on these recurring monthly expenses to help you save more money.
  9. Try having a no-spend day: Dedicate at least one day per week where you spend nothing at all. You’ll need to dine in, refrain from shopping online, and find free sources of entertainment.
  10. Save on interest with a Texas title loan: When money is tight and you need extra cash to make ends meet, don’t settle for a high-interest loan. Instead, visit VIP Title Loans for low rates on a convenient, extended-term loan that uses your car title as collateral to get the funds you need. Don’t worry — you don’t have to turn over your car to get a title loan!

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