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With just a simple Google search you will see that there are seemingly endless title loan companies in Texas. But that doesn’t mean they are all created equally – quite the opposite!

Make sure you go with a reputable title loan company. One you can trust, as you will be doing business with them, and choosing the wrong company can cost you hundreds.

But how do you choose the right company? A reputable title loan company you can work with to find the right option for you and your title loan needs?

VIP Title Loans doesn’t want any of our community members to get stuck in a title loan they don’t like, so we have compiled the best ways to choose the best title loan company.

Already have a title loan? We buy out title loans from the other guys, so you can still get the best deal possible.

Research is Key When Searching for a Reputable Title Loan Company in Texas

If you don’t like a little research, that might be an issue, as one of the best ways to find yourself a reputable title loan company is by looking into the different ones you are considering.

What are their terms? Their fees? Their locations and hours? Do they have forgiveness of the occasional late payment or extenuating circumstance or will they pounce as soon as an issue arises?

The answers to these questions may very well save you hundreds, if not more!

A Reputable Title Loan Company Will Answer Your Questions

This goes for just about any industry. Want to find a reputable car mechanic, interior designer, landscaper, or commercial contractor? Then they better answer your questions simply and honestly.

The same goes for a reputable title loan company.

If you ask them any of the questions pertaining to your research and they aren’t straightforward with you, keep driving. Most likely, they are shady and not the place you want to be in debt to.

A Reputable Title Loan Company Will Have Good Reviews

Reviews are powerful for two reasons.

First, it lets you know the experience other customers, similar to you, have had with the title loan company.

Second, it can show you how much the title loan company itself cares about its customers.

Are there bad review-givers that the company never reached out to? Was there a solution that the company never bothered to pursue?

These are important things to look at, as it connects directly with the customer service you are likely to receive.

A Reputable Title Loan Company Will Have Good Interest Rates

This is an obvious sign of a reputable title loan company, but often, this is all customers look at. VIP Title Loans wants you to know that there is more to title loan quality than just interest rates.

Make sure you ask about other fees too – convenience factors and customer service, not just interest rates.

Also, make sure you use the correct terminology, ask about APR – or annual percentage rates – not just interest, as APR encompasses all of the fees you will be paying, including interest.

At VIP Title Loans, our APR is just a low 6%, way less than the other guy’s charge. And that’s our APR, not just interest.

That means you pay 6% total – fees, interest, and all.

VIP Title Loans: A Reputable Title Loan Company for All Your Title Loan Needs!

VIP Title Loans wants you to make the smart choice by choosing to work with a reputable title loan company with the best customer service, transparency, reviews, and interest.

We want you to be able to go to many locations, like one of our six throughout Texas.

And we want you to be able to start an application online, to streamline your process, because your time is valuable.

In short, we want to be the reputable title loan company you choose to do business with. Let us prove ourselves to you today!