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The holiday season is, no doubt, a great time with family, friends, and food – but it is also expensive! And with two-thirds of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, an ‘expensive season’ might put you behind for half the year!

If you are looking for a way to get ahead of this holiday season, then consider these 5 ways to earn extra income with our winter break work ideas. From using your car for more than just Uber to making money from tidying up your own home – VIP Title Loans knows lots of ways to stretch your dollars (and get more of them) this winter break season.

#5: Sell Your Stuff Online & Declutter All at Once

We’ve all heard of apps that help you sell your unused stuff, and though they are well and good, sometimes they take a while to get up and running and approved, or you have to figure out shipping, go to the post office, etc. And during the busy holiday season, this might end up being more of a burden than a help.

The other option here is much simpler, and it isn’t a yard sale – Facebook Marketplace! This is easy to use, takes almost no verification, and you can set up times for people to stop by and grab the stuff they want, and you want to get rid of them.

From old TVs and appliances to clothing and shoes, it’s easy to use and usually has a quick turnaround. However, be cautious whenever you let someone into your home that you do not know. Either make the sale when you are not alone or meet in a close but public place to lessen any potential dangers of meeting a stranger.

#4: Use Your Car for Good

Of course, a great way to get extra cash fast is to apply for a Texas car title loan from VIP Title Loans, with our 6% APR and up to 12-month terms, it is the fastest way to get cash with the lowest payback cost. However, if you want to make continued money, then consider using your car for Amazon, Shipt, Uber Eats, or any other food or goods delivery service.

This industry is booming, which means all are hiring, especially this time of year when online sales rise and extra grocery store shopping trips are commonplace. Make sure you have a reliable car though, and that the wear and tear won’t outweigh the pay.

#3: Online Surveys Are the Easiest Winter Break Work

Online surveys are fast, easy, but cheap.

This means you’ll have to do quite a few to make any meaningful amount of money – but if you have the holidays off, are currently out of work, or simply have a few hours of free time on weekends or even daily, then online survey taking is a great way to make extra cash.

We’re all on our laptops and phones all day anyway, right?

#2: Mystery Shopping is Fun & Pays

Secret shopping is a way to get out, try new places, and still make money! From secret shopping at breweries, restaurants, and grocery stores, to chains and departments, there are sure to be categories that align with your interests (and your wallet).

Some companies pay you outright, and some pick up the tab for you, so make sure you know if you’ll get any monetary compensation, or just a free meal or shopping trip out of it, as they are all different.

#1: Data Entry is Easy & There Are Online Jobs Now

Data entry is easy to like survey taking but pays better as it’s a little more labor-intensive (think more typing and less checking boxes). You can still do this from your couch while watching a Christmas movie with the family, but giving it a few hours a day is ideal, as that’s the best way to make meaningful amounts of cash this holiday season.

Shop around before you join with a certain data entry company too, as (like mystery shopping) they all have different compensation, rules, and guidelines.

The best things about #3 and data entry? There is no hassle, no risks, and you can do it from anywhere you have internet! And nowadays, it’s almost hard to find a place without Wi-Fi.

VIP Title Loans Is Here to Help You Get Cash in Hand With a Car Title Loan Today!

If the above winter break work side hustles don’t sound like they would work for you – then consider a VIP Title Loans car title loan and get cash in your pocket today, just in time for the holidays!

But make sure you understand your terms and APR, which is just 6% for VIP (well below the industry average which can get up to 400%). Come in today with your car, title, proof of residency, and proof of income, and walk out with cash.

Plus, you get to continue using your car with a title loan – so you could still do the above side hustles too.

Contact VIP Title Loans to learn more today or stop into one of our six convenient locations.